Bird Watching

There’s a desk in my room and it faces a tree

There’s a dark shadow over the world

And another inside me

The tree has green and red fruit shaped like some tiny balls

There’s a sickness in the air shaped like invisible walls.

Everyday the birds come to eat the tiny fruit

While I try to write stories that will never bloom

I counted at least 7 different species

I type in my computer, something apocalyptic

Some couples have different colors

And different spins

While the male has blue feathers

The female a very light green

I’ve lost sight of the past

The humming birds can be so frail

But they can also be huge

With a scissor tail

I’ve lost sight of the future

And there’s one with a strange pattern

But this one I can’t figure out

So I call him pajamas.

There’s no point on doing anything

When the world has stopped spinning

So I sit

And I wait

And I watch the birds in it.


Poesia auto-afirmativa. Meu diário é público.

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